Tips for Boosting the General Health of Your Teenage Son or Daughter

Some teens naturally gravitate towards healthy lifestyles. However, others vastly prefer to play video games for endless hours, use their smart phones and nosh on junk food. For this reason, many media articles are now focusing on teenage health issues. If your teen is a bit lazy and doesn’t eat too well, you may be concerned about his or her health. Bear in mind that teens are stubborn and asking your son or daughter to make lifestyle changes which support better health may be not appreciated by him or her.kmkjkk

For this reason, we advise changing things that you do, with a mind to making sure that your teen gets proper nutrition, enough fluids, and (at least) occasional physical activity.

Schedule Regular Medical Checkups

To start, make sure that your teenage son or daughter sees a physician at least twice per week. Regular checkups are really important. It’s important that your teen be able to talk to a doctor privately. After all, teens often have things going on that we don’t know about and they may want to talk to physicians in order to get help.

These private checkups will give your teen a chance to ask questions about STDs, birth control, acne or any other issues which are on his or her mind. So, be sure to book checkups which put your teen in touch with a doctor. Your teen’s doctor will check that growth is normal, monitor vital signs and prescribe medication if it’s needed. This is your first line of defense against health problems.

Do Some Meal Planning

Also, since you’re likely in charge of cooking, be sure to plan healthy meals which allow your son or daughter to get plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Without good meals, your teen may be tempted to binge on junk and make a habit of eating badly. Offering great meals which are nutritious is one of the most loving and beneficial things that a parent can do.

If you’re not pulling your weight here, check yourself and do better in the future. Make sure healthy snacks are around, encourage portion control, especially with treats, and generally become your teen’s personal nutritionist. Also, keeping bottled water on hand, rather than pop and other sugary drinks, will be great for your teen’s health.

Exercise is something that you may be able to do together. If your teen likes to walk on the beach, plan a stroll with the family dog. Any kind of activity will be a great way to bond and give your kid access to healthy physical activity.